Why does Aunt Alexandra not want Scout to go to church with Calpurnia?

How does Aunt Alexandra feel about the children going to church with Calpurnia?

When Aunt Alexandra hears that the children have been to Calpurnia’s church, she is outraged and refuses to allow them to return: “You may not.” When Scout becomes angry by this statement, Atticus intervenes.

How does Aunt Alexandra react to finding out that Scout and Jem attended Calpurnia’s church?

Terms in this set (3) When Aunt Alexandra finds out that Jem and Scout have attended Cal’s church, what does she want Atticus to do about it? She suggests that he let Calpurnia go. “Then [Jem] rose and broke the remaining code of our childhood.” What new violation causes Scout to make this comment?

What does aunt Alexandra think Scout needs?

What is she like? She believes that Scout needs a feminine influence and doesn’t count Calpurnia as good enough for that. She is very overbearing and likes to have things her way.

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What does aunt Alexandra want Jem and Scout to appreciate?

Aunt Alexandra wants Jem and Scout to understand their history and be proud, but they have a hard time listening to all of this from someone they don’t necessarily respect. One night after getting home, Atticus comes to talk with Jem and Scout.

What does Aunt Alexandra try to convince Atticus to do?

Aunt Alexandra tells Scout she cannot go back the next Sunday. Later, she tries to convince Atticus to get rid of Calpurnia, saying that they no longer need her. Atticus refuses.

Why does Aunt Alexandra come to visit and how does Scout feel about it?

Why does Aunt Alexandra come to visit? … Atticus tells Jem and Scout that Aunt Alexandra wants them to know that they “pure blood” He is so obviously uncomfortable, it seems that Atticus does not really believe in what he is saying. It appears that he is saying it only because Aunt Alexandra demanded that he do so.

Why does Aunt Alexandra visit?

Aunt Alexandra arrives in Maycomb to help out with the children because Atticus’s involvement in Tom Robinson’s trial will keep him away from home working long hours. It’s interesting to note the contrast in Aunt Alexandra’s expectations of Scout compared with Atticus’s expectations.

What does Calpurnia expect of Scout?

Scout describes Calpurnia as a strict, demanding, and unsentimental “tyrannical presence.” At the same time, Scout treats Calpurnia with more genuine respect and obedience than the female members of her own family, such as her Aunt Alexandra.

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What is the first thing Aunt Alexandra says to Calpurnia and Scout?

“Put my bag in the front bedroom, Calpurnia,” was the first thing Aunt Alexandra said. “Jean Louise, stop scratching your head,” was the second thing she said (To Kill a Mockingbird, Chapter 13). … The second thing Aunt Alexandra said was typical. She frequently corrected Scout on her manners.

What does Scout want to do that Aunt Alexandra opposes?

He was afraid of getting lost. What does Scout want to do that Aunt Alexandra opposes? Visit the Radley.