Who worked for a wife in the Bible?

Who did Jacob work for in the Bible?

Arriving at his uncle Laban’s home in Haran, Jacob fell in love with his cousin Rachel. He worked for her father, Laban, for seven years to obtain Rachel’s hand in marriage, but then Laban substituted his older daughter, Leah, for Rachel at the wedding ceremony.

Why did Jacob work for 7 years?

Jacob began to work, and Laban offered to pay for his work. But instead of asking for money, Jacob requested to work for 7 years in return to marry Rachel.

How did Jacob find his wife?

Summary of Genesis 28:1-9

Isaac called Jacob, and he later commanded him not to marry a Canaanite woman. Instead, he was told to go to Paddan, find a wife among Sarah’s brothers. Jacob went his way as he was instructed.

Why did Joseph wait for 13 years?

“Joseph waited over 13 years before his prophetic promise was fulfilled. Moses waited 40 years before he had his divine encounter with the flaming voice of God. … Waiting is not wasted time, it is secluded time giving God the opportunity to form our inner being and prepare us for glory.

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