When did the song The Prayer come out?

How old is the song the prayer?

The Prayer (Celine Dion and Andrea Bocelli song)

“The Prayer”
Released 1 March 1999
Recorded 1998 Chartmarker Studios, Sony Sound Stage, Criteria Recording Studios
Genre Opera
Length 4:29

Who else sang the prayer?

Was the prayer song in a movie?

Is the prayer a good wedding song?

The words are a prayer, asking God to bless the house that is being built through the union of these two people. If you have a moment during the prayer section of your ceremony, this is a song that will not only be very meaningful, but will also stir the emotions of the entire congregation.

What language is the prayer in?

‘The Prayer’ was originally recorded in two solo versions for the movie Quest for Camelot: in English by Dion, and in Italian by Bocelli. The best-known version of the song, which includes lines in both English and Italian, was first released as a single on 1 March 1999.

Who wrote Scout Guide prayer song?

scout and guides prayer song was composed by vir dev vir with duration of 90 seconds. scout and guides flag song was composed by daya shankar bhat.

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