When did the 12 Apostles collapse?

How long did it take for the Twelve Apostles to erode?

The process began around 10-20 million years ago and the harsh weather conditions gradually eroded the cliffs into caves which eroded further into arches and eventually collapsed, creating the stacks seen today.

Is London Bridge sinking?

Designed in 1799 by Scottish engineer John Rennie, the “New” London Bridge was completed in 1831. Due to the weight of automobile traffic crossing the bridge in the early 20th Century, it began sinking into the River Thames at the rate of an inch (3 cm) every eight years.

What will happen to the 12 apostles in the future?

It may be just decades before Victoria loses more of its Twelve Apostles, say Melbourne geologists. But new ones will be carved out of the retreating shoreline. Professor Joyce said that over the past 6000 years, the shoreline of limestone cliffs had been eroded by about a kilometre. …

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