Quick Answer: Which is the central supporting post in a Romanesque church portal?

What are the 5 parts that make up a Romanesque church portal?

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  • Archivolts. curved moldings composed of the wedge shape stone voussoirs of the arch-frame the tympanum.
  • voussoirs. the stone the compose of the arches.
  • tympanum. …
  • jambs. …
  • trumeau. …
  • lintel.

What are the major parts of sculpted Romanesque portal?

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  • Archivolts. ornamental molding or band following the curve on the underside of an arch.
  • Voussiors. one of the wedge-shaped pieces forming an arch or vault.
  • Tympanum. semi-circular or triangular decorative wall surface over an entrance, sits on a lintel.
  • Doorjamb. …
  • Trumeau. …
  • lintel.

What do we call the carved lintel support in a Romanesque church portal?

Trumeau. A column, pier, or post found at the center of a large portal or doorway, supporting the lintel usually containing a carved figure. Mandorla. Light encircling, or emanating from, the entire figure of a sacred person.

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What is the term for the central area of an ancient Roman basilica or of a church?

nave. the central area of an ancient Roman basilica or of a church, demarcated from aisles by piers or columns. narthex. a porch or vestibule of a church, generally colonnaded or arcaded and preceding the nave. altar.

What is Romanesque portal?

Abstract. Romanesque portals are more than simple reflections of biblical, liturgical, paraliturgical or exegetical texts. They are in themselves texts — performative texts.

What did portal sculptures in Romanesque churches represent?

Some Romanesque churches feature an extensive sculptural scheme which covers the area surrounding the portal and sometimes much of the facade. The sculptural schemes were designed to convey the message that Christian believers should recognize wrongdoing, repent, and be redeemed.

What part of a Romanesque portal contains the main sculpted relief?

In Romanesque architecture, the tympanum constitutes the area between the lintel over a doorway and the arch above. During the 11th and 12th centuries in Europe, tympana over church portals were decorated with intricate and stylized relief sculpture.

What is the most common sculpted scene placed above the entrance of a Romanesque church?

Just above the lintel is the lunette-shaped (semi-circular) tympanum, which has the majority of the sculpted decoration (and this is true in most Romanesque and Gothic portals).

What is the name for the central aisle of a church which the congregation can use?

Nave. The nave is the central aisle of a basilica church or the main body of a church between its rear wall and the far end of its intersection with the transept at the chancel.

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