Frequent question: Why do they use the Serenity Prayer in AA?

Why does AA use the Serenity Prayer?

Wisdom to know the difference. This often used AA prayer is an excerpt from a longer prayer commonly attributed to Reinhold Niebuhr. … The Serenity Prayer serves as a focal point for the very spirit of AA, anchoring its members to its quintessential teachings about surrender and acceptance.

What does serenity mean in AA?

Serenity Refers to Inner Peace

Addiction is characterized by chaos, loss of control, and emotional turmoil. Serenity, on the other hand, is a positive state of mind where you are untroubled by life’s ups and downs. It means remaining calm and true to yourself, regardless of what else is going on.

What does the Serenity Prayer represent?

The Serenity Prayer means letting go of situations beyond your control and taking action toward things within your control. It also means being able to know when things are within your control and when things are beyond your control.

When did AA start using the Serenity Prayer?

Alcoholics Anonymous (AA) adopted the prayer in 1941 when an AA member saw it in The New York Herald Tribune and asked the AA secretary at the time, Ruth Hock, to see if it could be printed in distributable cards.

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Is the Serenity Prayer just for alcoholics?

The 12 step Serenity Prayer is a prayer for everyone, not just alcoholics. The prayer was written by Reinhold Niebuhr and is specifically for people who want to break their bad habits, change their ways, and accept the things that cannot be changed.

Who created the Serenity Prayer?

Why is serenity important?

Peace and serenity are essential as it guides how calm and unbothered you remain in the presence of even troubling situations. Being calm in everyday life creates room for good physical and mental health and is the cause of joy in any situation.

What is the difference between peace and serenity?

As nouns the difference between peace and serenity

is that peace is a state of tranquility, quiet, and harmony; absence of violence for instance, a state free from civil disturbance while serenity is the state of being serene; calmness; peacefulness.