Best answer: Is it playing or praying on my mind?

Is it playing or preying on my mind?

From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishprey on somebody’s mindprey on somebody’s mind (also play on somebody’s mind) if a problem preys on your mind, you cannot stop thinking about it Finally, she broached the subject that had been playing on her mind for days.

What does playing on my mind mean?

“Play on your mind” has also the feeling that the thought is doing the playing, that the thought is doing something in the mind, hence the use of the word “let” as in “allow”.

What does preying on your mind mean?

Definition of prey on/upon someone’s mind

: to make someone worry : to be constantly on someone’s mind Her growing debts preyed on her mind. The thought that he could have done better preyed on his mind.

Do you have mind or on mind?

To have something in mind – thinking of something specific, having an idea… Something on your mind – to be thinking continually of something (a problem, a worry often).

What does it mean to prey on someone?

1 : to hunt and kill (something) for food The wolves prey on small animals. 2 : to hurt, cheat, or steal from (someone) criminals who prey on lonely elderly people.

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What is the difference between on my mind and in my mind?

When something or someone is on your mind, it means that you think and worry about this thing or person a lot. When you have something or someone in your mind, you just think of this thing or person without the worrying connotation.

What does playing the head mean?

In playing the actual music, the head refers to any time the band or musician plays the theme to the song. … Although it most commonly is, the head does not need to be played at both the beginning and the end of a performance, and is occasionally played in the middle, for instance between solos.

What is the definition of preying?

1a : to seize and devour prey. b : to commit violence or robbery or fraud. 2 : to have an injurious, destructive, or wasting effect worry preyed upon his mind. 3 : to make raids for the sake of booty.