Where did Mary Jones go to get her Bible?

Who wrote Mary Jones and her Bible?

Who started Bible Sunday?

Dimapur Auxiliary is working with Arunachal Pradesh, Manipur, Nagaland and Karbi District of Assam covering 111 tribes. In 1545 AD, Arch Bishop of Canterbury, England, Thomas Cronli declared first Sunday of December as Bible Sunday.

Who runs the Bible Society?

Bible Society CEO Greg Clarke read from the 1864 minutes of the British And Foreign Bible Society South Australian Auxiliary that resolved to print the Bible in Aboriginal languages.

What is Mary Jones famous for?

The most famous female labor activist of the nineteenth century, Mary Harris Jones—aka “Mother Jones”—was a self-proclaimed “hell-raiser” in the cause of economic justice. She was so strident that a US attorney once labeled her “the most dangerous woman in America.”

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