Best answer: What did hanging two lanterns in the church represent?

What did it mean if 2 lanterns were lit?

Paul Revere arranged to have a signal lit in the Old North Church – one lantern if the British were coming by land and two lanterns if they were coming by sea – and began to make preparations for his ride to alert the local militias and citizens about the impending attack.

What did two lanterns hanging in the Old North Church mean?

They briefly hung two lanterns near the windows and made their escape. This signal, from the tallest structure in the town of Boston, served as an early warning that a detachment of the British Army was crossing the Charles River and heading west towards the towns of Lexington and Concord.

What does the lantern symbolize in Paul Revere’s ride?

The immediate symbolism of the two lanterns shining in the tower in the poem “Paul Revere’s Ride” is that the British are attacking the colonists by sea and not by land. This allows Paul Revere to ride forth and effectively warn the colonists.

What is the meaning of One if by land and two if by sea in Paul Revere’s ride?

Despite its historical significance, the “One if by Land Two if by Sea” signal was just a backup plan. It was meant to warn patriots in Chalrestown, a borough across the river from Boston in case if the messenger himself could not make it there from Boston to start his ride.

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What did the lanterns mean in the Revolutionary War?

They agreed that one lantern would mean that the Brits were taking the longer land route while two lanterns would mean that the British were traveling the shorter water route, leaving America’s revolutionaries with less time to respond. Thanks to Paul Revere, America’s first patriots were ready.