Your question: Does Walmart carry the wonder Bible?

How much is the wonder Bible?

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This item Wonder Bible NIV- The Talking Audio Bible Player (New International Version), As Seen on TV
Price $2999
Sold By Allstar Product Innovations
Item Dimensions 4.92 x 2.76 x 0.91 inches
Item Weight 4.80 ounces

Is wonder Bible the whole Bible?

Listen to Psalms, Prophecies and more! Seek out your favorite verses & hear the spoken word of God! Get Wonder Bible Now! … The complete, fully dramatized Old & New Testaments of the Bible in the New International Version.

What is a wonder Bible?

WONDER BIBLE AUDIO PLAYER The talking Bible you can listen to anytime, anywhere! Letters, gospels, psalms, prophecies, & more! … INCLUDES Wonder Bible KJV rechargeable audio player- long lasting battery will last up to 10 hours, USB charging cable and built-in earphone jack.

How long does it take to charge the wonder Bible?

Connect the charging cable to the Micro USB charging port and connect the plug to a USB Power Supply. (Such as a USB Wall Adapter, a computer/laptop USB port, or a USB car adapter.) The player takes several hours to recharge fully.

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Where can I find a Bible that reads to you?

YouVersion Bible is completely free and lets you listen to books, chapters and verses of the Bible. You can listen to daily Reading Plans that you subscribe to in the Bible App and even pray over your prayer list. YouVersion Bible includes 5 professionally narrated Bible versions (ESV, NLT, NIV, KJV, MSG).

How many hours does it take to listen to the Bible?

It takes just 70 hours and 40 minutes to read the Bible through “at pulpit rate,” and aloud! It takes only 52 hours and 20 minutes to read the Old Testament, and just 18 hours and 20 minutes to read the New Testament. The longest book, Psalms, will take just 4 hours and 28 minutes.

How do you reset wonder in the Bible?

You need to reset the Memory Card. This is found on the right side of the device. Use a pen cap or paper clip to push the card back in place.

When was the wonder Bible made?

Wonder Bible is an compact audio player that plays spoken word recordings of the entire Old and New Testaments of the Bible. The official website is, with a registration date of May 2017. The screen capture below was taken of the product website in June 2017.

Does the wonder Bible come with a memory card?

They come with an SD card loaded. Use a pen point or other implement to push the SD card all the way in, or, push quickly and release to let it pop out and re-insert. … Could be your SD card or you may need a replacement. My SD card fell into the wonder Bible and I’m trying to get a replacement for it.

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