You asked: What is the purpose of church schools?

Who believes that Jesus is the Son of God?

What makes a church school special?

Church schools should be distinctive in their Collective Worship and RE, their ethos, and the ways in which their Christian values are outworked in the daily life of the school.

What it means to be a church school?

A church school is a school which has a special relationship with a particular branch of the Christian Church, and where there is strong emphasis on worship and the teaching of religion.

What does AC of E school mean?

What is a Church of England School? “A community school with a distinctive Christian character.” Long before the government became involved in providing education for everyone in our country, the Church of England had a vision that it wanted every parish to have a school for the education of poor children.

How are church schools funded?

State-funded faith schools are usually voluntary aided (VA) or voluntary controlled (VC) schools. This means that they get some of their funding from a religious organisation, which also usually owns the school buildings and the land.

Why is a Church of England school good?

Offers school life that incorporates the values of the Christian faith. Ensures that 5% of curriculum time is devoted to Religious Education. Observes the major Christian festivals. Ensure those children of other faiths are able to and encouraged to mark their major festivals with integrity.

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Why are faith schools important?

Religious education can provide advantages well beyond a strong sense of faith. Highly rated general academics, a community of friends, teachers and clergy with the same moral base, and a stable environment in which to learn, grow and thrive all make for a positive and inspiring school experience.

Why do faith schools perform better?

Faith schools generally achieve better exam results than their counterparts, with Roman Catholic schools doing particularly well.

What are the advantages of faith schools?


  • avoids discrimination against minority religions.
  • set up to nourish faith.
  • Dawkins- religious literacy is part of cultural heritage, eg- can’t study/understand Shakespeare without the Bible.