You asked: How many Syrian Christians are in Kerala?

Which Christians are more in Kerala?

The 2011 Indian census found a total of 6,411,269 Christians in Kerala, with their various denominations as stated: Saint Thomas Syrian Christians (Syro Malabar, Syro Malankara, Orthodox, Jacobite, Marthoma, Chaldean and Thozhiyur churches) constituted 70.73%, followed by Latin Church Catholics at 13.3%, Pentecostals …

How many Syrian Christians are in India?

Syrian Christians (3,083,884 in the Census of India 2001) thus represent about 10% of the state’s population (31,841,374 according to the 2001 Census), while Christians in Kerala make up nearly 30% of the total Christian population of India.

Which religion is more in Kottayam?


Religions in Kottayam District
Religion Percent
Hindus 49.81%
Christians 43.48%
Muslims 6.41%

How many Christians are in Thrissur?

Total population of Thrissur district is 3,121,200 as per census 2011. Hinduism constitutes 58.42% of Thrissur population.

Thrissur District Religion Census 2011.

District Thrissur
Hindu 58.42 %
Muslim 17.07 %
Christian 24.27 %
Sikh 0.01 %

Are Kerala Christians Syrian?

In Kerala about 93 percent of the Christians are Syrian Christians; the rest have been converted by European missionaries. Linguistic Affiliation. Ninety-six percent of Kerala people speak Malayalam and about 2.37 percent speak Tamil. The latter reside mainly in the border areas adjacent to the state of Tamil Nadu.

Where did Syrian Christians in Kerala come from?

Among those early conversions were several Namboodiri Brahmin families, from whom many of the present-day Syrian Christians trace their roots. As legend has it, the upper caste Brahmins of Palur were converted after a miracle, whereby Mar Thoma (Saint Thomas) suspended water in midair as a testimony of his faith.

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Who is malankara?

The Malankara Syrian Catholic Church is the faction that joined with the Holy See of Rome in 1930.

Malankara Church
Founder Thomas the Apostle as per tradition.
Origin 52 AD (1st century as per tradition) 1665
Separated from Catholicos-Patriarch of the East of the Church of the East
Branched from Saint Thomas Christians