Who is Kent Christmas Rock Church?

Is Jasmine Brady Kent daughter Christmas?

Just a reminder, Jasmine Brady, daughter of Kent and Candy Christmas, will be in service with us tomorrow morning at 10:30 am.

Who is Candy Hemphill Christmas husband?

Candy Hemphill quickly became a powerhouse lead vocalist in the family band. After marrying dynamic evangelist Kent Christmas, and assuming the real name of Candy Christmas, her stature continued to grow and she dreamed of becoming a true gospel music superstar, like Amy Grant or Steven Curtis Chapman.

Is Tanya Goodman Sykes related to Vestal Goodman?

Grammy-winning songstress, Tanya Goodman-Sykes, was born into gospel music royalty. As daughter of the late Rusty Goodman and niece to Howard and “Queen of Gospel Music” Vestal Goodman, Tanya grew up in an environment where creating great songs and communicating the Gospel through music was a way of life.

Did Joel Hemphill get married?

Hemphill married Joel Hemphill in 1957. Her father-in-law, W. T. Hemphill, was the founder of the Living Way Apostolic Church. They had two sons, Joey and Trent, and a daughter, Candy.

How is Candy Christmas related to the Goodmans?

Born Carmel Hemphill in Bastrop, Louisiana in 1961, she was a third-generation member of Southern gospel royalty. The Happy Goodman Family were her grandparents while at the age of 13 Candy joined The Hemphills, the legendary family group founded by her parents Joel and LaBreeska Hemphill.

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Where are the hemphills from?

Joel Snr. started the group in Bastrop, Louisiana, in 1968, after spending several years as a local pastor. By 1972 the family had relocated to Nashville, adding additional personnel Gary Smith (piano), Jerry Burnside (lead guitar), Mike Allen (drums) and Glen Paul (steel guitar) to expand their sound.