Who is jeptha in the Bible?

What is the meaning of Jephthah?

Jephthah in American English

(ˈdʒɛfθə ) noun. Bible. a judge who sacrificed his daughter in fulfillment of a vow: Judg.

What was Jephthah religion?

Jephthah, a judge or regent (often a hero figure) of Israel who dominates a narrative in the Book of Judges, where he is presented as an exemplar of faith for Israel in its monotheistic commitment to Yahweh.

Where is the story of Jephthah in the Bible?

Read Jephthah’s story in Judges 11:1-12:7. Other references are in 1 Samuel 12:11 and Hebrews 11:32.

What is the significance of Mizpah?

Mizpah (מִצְפָּה miṣpāh, mitspah) is Hebrew for “watchtower”. As mentioned in the biblical story of Jacob and Laban, making a pile of stones marked an agreement between two people, with God as their watching witness.

What does TOB mean in Hebrew?

Tob. Tob was the name of a place in ancient Israel, mentioned in the Bible. It is said to be the land to which Jephtha fled from his brothers. The location is not definitely known, but some identify it with the region centering on Taibiyah, southeast of Sea of Galilee.

Who is Jephthah father?

What is the importance of the reference to Jephthah?

The reference or literary allusion to Jephthah is a Biblical one. Hamlet is comparing Polonius to Jephthah. Jephthah (the story is from Judges 11 in the Bible) promises God a burnt sacrifice of the first person who comes to his door if he can claim victory over the Ammonites.

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Where did the gileadites come from?

a member of a branch of the Israelite tribe descended from Manasseh. an inhabitant of ancient Gilead.