Who are the Marthoma Christians?

Who is Joseph Marthoma Metropolitan?

‎) was the 21st Marthoma Metropolitan and The valiya Metropolitan Of the East, primate of the Malankara Church headquartered in Kerala, India.

Joseph Mar Thoma.

His Grace the Most Reverend Aboon Joseph Mar Thoma Mar Thoma XXI, Mar Thoma Metropolitan
Died 18 October 2020 (aged 89) Thiruvalla, Kerala

What are the sacraments of Marthoma Church?

Though we cannot limit the sacraments to a fixed number, as a tradition there are seven Sacraments administered in the Mar Thoma Church:

  • Holy Baptism.
  • Holy Qurbana (Holy Communion)
  • Holy Confirmation.
  • Holy Confession.
  • Holy Matrimony.
  • Holy Ordination.
  • Holy Unction.

What is meant by malankara?

Malankara is the endonym for historical region which forms present day Kerala in India.

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