What were the roles played by Paul in the development of Christianity as a religion?

How did Saul Paul play an important role in the spread of Christianity?

Over the course of three missionary journeys, Paul was able to pick up where Peter and other apostles left off in Jerusalem by spreading the word of the Gospel throughout the Roman Empire; and this was greatly abetted by his birthright both as a Jew and a Roman citizen.

What is the role of Paul?

Paul is often considered to be the most important person after Jesus in the history of Christianity. His epistles (letters) have had enormous influence on Christian theology, especially on the relationship between God the Father and Jesus, and on the mystical human relationship with the divine.

Who was Paul and what did he do?

Paul was a follower of Jesus Christ who famously converted to Christianity on the road to Damascus after persecuting the very followers of the community that he joined.

How did Christianity become the official religion of Rome?

Over time, the Christian church and faith grew more organized. In 313 AD, the Emperor Constantine issued the Edict of Milan, which accepted Christianity: 10 years later, it had become the official religion of the Roman Empire.

What contributions did Paul make to the early church?

1 Letters. After his conversion, Paul began preaching the Christian message, and he founded communities in many cities. He fostered these early churches by writing letters throughout his ministry.

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