What was Eric Church’s first number one song?

What is Eric Church’s biggest song?

Best Eric Church Songs of All Time – Top 10 Tracks

  1. Springsteen. Springsteen. Eric Church.
  2. Drink In My Hand. Drink In My Hand. Eric Church.
  3. Heart On Fire. Heart On Fire. Eric Church.
  4. Hell Of A View. Hell Of A View. …
  5. Record Year. Record Year. …
  6. Talladega. Talladega. …
  7. Smoke A Little Smoke. Smoke A Little Smoke. …
  8. Round Here Buzz. Round Here Buzz.

What songs are on Eric Church greatest hits?

More videos on YouTube

1 Hell Of A View Eric Church 2:55
2 Stick That In Your Country Song Eric Church 3:48
3 Heart On Fire Eric Church 4:18
4 Never Break Heart Eric Church 3:48
5 Crazyland Eric Church 2:39

What famous song does Eric Church sing?

“Springsteen,” “I’m Gettin’ Stoned” and “Over When It’s Over” all make this list of Eric Church’s Top 50 songs. There are no throwaways on one of country music’s all time greatest albums.

How many number one songs has Eric Church had?

Church was also a featured artist on four other songs that have reached the top of the country music charts.

Eric Church discography
Other charted songs 6
No. 1 singles 10

Who sounds like Eric Church?

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  • Jamey Johnson.
  • Rodney Atkins.
  • Shooter Jennings.
  • Blaine Larsen.
  • Brad Paisley.
  • Brantley Gilbert.
  • Dierks Bentley.
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Is there an Eric Church Greatest Hits CD?

Amazon.com: eric church greatest hits cd.