What style were medieval churches built in?

What was the architecture type used to build cathedrals in the Middle Ages?

Many Gothic cathedrals, like Notre-Dame de Paris and Chartres, were built on the sites of Romanesque cathedrals, and often used the same foundations and crypt.

What was the new style of church architecture?

What was the new style of Church Architecture? In early 1100s a new style known as Gothic envoled throughout midieval Europle. Gothic comes from a Germanic tribe named Goths.

What is the layout of a church?

The entryway to the church is the narthex; the church portals are located here. The nave, or center aisle is an elongated rectangle and pews are located to each side. During processions, ceremonies or masses, people walk up the nave to the altar. The crossing is where the transepts and nave intersect.

What were medieval churches used for?

The Church system

The parish church was the basic unit of the Christian community, providing the sacraments required by the lay community. For most medieval Christians, religious experience was focused on a parish church which they attended, at least in theory, on Sundays and religious festivals.

What types of buildings were built in the Gothic style?

Through the building of churches, cathedrals, abbeys and monasteries, the Gothic style spread along with factions of the Catholic Church to England, Prussia (modern-day Germany), Poland, Hungary, and even as far as the Baltic states, and South to Italy, and Spain, where it enjoyed centuries of dominance.

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