What is the story behind take me to church?

Why is take me to church so popular?

Simply put, this stuff is just too weird to thrive for so long off the back of viral success alone. In my estimation, a more complete answer for this song’s popularity lies in a quote tossed off by Chris Cornell at a concert I attended last summer.

Who wrote take me to church?

Who did the song take me to church?

What is the tempo of the song take me to church?

Take Me to Church is amoodysong byHozierwith a tempo of129 BPM.It can also be used half-time at65 BPM or double-time at258 BPM. The track runs4 minutes and 2 secondslong with aEkey and aminormode.

What does the name Hozier mean?

Hozier is an Anglo-Saxon name. The name was originally given to a person who makes or sells stockings and socks. The surname Hozier is derived from the Old English word hosa, which means hose.

What does take me to church mean Reddit?

6y. Even some people who know the song is about sex don’t look at the lyrics correctly. When he sings “take me to church”, he’s actually addressing real church, and sarcastically saying he’ll worship like a dog. That part isn’t about sex.

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What is the chest in take me to church?

A shot of a box being chained, padlocked and buried, which represents secrecy and mystery. It’s later revealed that the character that the box belongs to is homosexual, so therefore the box could represent the secrecy of his sexuality, and the character burying and locking away his feelings.

What pitch is take me to church in?

Hozier – Take Me To Church: Vocal Range & Original Key

Artist / From: Hozier (artist vocal range)
Original Key: G Major
Vocal range: E2-B4
Difficulty in Original Key:
Difficulty in optimal Key: