What is the sin of Diane?

What was Diane’s crime?

6 Diane: Serpent’s Sin of Envy

Hired by knights of Liones to help in their battle with savages, Diane and Matrona were deceived and attacked. Framed for the attack, Diane is convicted of murdering Matrona and the knights and given the sin of envy for turning on her mentor out of jealousy.

Does Diane like King or Meliodas?

However, King erased her memories of their time together after he had to turn himself in for his “sin” of not doing anything to stop his friend Helbram from killing humans for 500 years. Later, Diane regains her lost memories and she realizes that the one she truly loves is King, not Meliodas.

Does King tell Diane?

The giant reveals that she has finally regained her memories from her youth, and they all have to do with King. Diane confesses she loves her comrade with a teary expression, and she encourages Elizabeth to admit her own feelings for Meliodas. “King told me this a long time ago. … That I love him.”

What is Meliodas’s full name?

Meliodas, (Meliadas or Mediodas) is a figure in Arthurian legend in the 13th-century Prose Tristan and subsequent accounts.

What is Merlin’s true name?

Merlin’s real name is Myrddin Wyllt. Myrddin is his given name, Wyllt is a family name, or his surname (last name) as a sixth century Celtic druid. Emrys is his druid name. When translated from original Welsh, and then anglicized, his druid name would be Ambrosius.

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