What happened to Diane in seven deadly sins?

Where did King Diane go?

During the dance, Gerheade sees a vision of the first Fairy King, Gloxinia, who is grateful that she is alive. When the dance stops however, everyone realises that Diane and King are missing, the two having been teleported to Drole and Gloxinia.

What did Diane do to Elizabeth?

During the Vaizel Fight Festival, Diane and Elizabeth encounter a mushroom that shrinks them down. Diane is the size of a normal girl but retained her strength, so she decided to help the other Sins out by entering the tournament. She took Elizabeth with her and hid her under her shirt as she fought.

Do King and Diane end up together?

Eventually when Diane’s memories returned, she and King kiss, and they become a couple. During the final battle against Demon King, King proposed to Diane to which she happily accepts.

How did Diane get her sin?

Hired by knights of Liones to help in their battle with savages, Diane and Matrona were deceived and attacked. Framed for the attack, Diane is convicted of murdering Matrona and the knights and given the sin of envy for turning on her mentor out of jealousy.

Does Diane regain her memories of King?

The giant reveals that she has finally regained her memories from her youth, and they all have to do with King. Diane confesses she loves her comrade with a teary expression, and she encourages Elizabeth to admit her own feelings for Meliodas. “King told me this a long time ago. … That I love him.”

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What episode does Diane Kiss King?

Diane finally recalls her childhood and everything about her and King. Diane thanks King for his loyalty and kisses him. But “The Seven Deadly Sins: Wrath of the Gods” episode 7 could include a scene from the manga where King passes out after Diane’s kiss.