What does Zain mean in the Bible?

Is Zain a biblical name?

Zayin, Zain and Zayn are all transcriptions for the seventh letter of the Hebrew alphabet (as well as other Semitic languages such as Aramaic and Phoenician). In fact, the Greeks took this letter from the Phoenicians for their own letter Zeta (Z). From this perspective Zayin or Zain means “seventh” in Hebrew.

What does Zayn mean in Hebrew?

Meaning of the name Zayn. An alternative spelling of the name Zane , derived from the name John and meaning ‘God is gracious’ and ‘God is merciful‘. Origin of the name Zayn. Hebrew.

What does Zain mean in Psalms 119?

ZAYIN – My zeal for you Lord continues day and night, your promise renews my life. Today, we will begin by defining the word “zeal” Zeal – great energy or enthusiasm in pursuit of a cause or an objective. Passion, fervor, devotion, enthusiasm, eagerness, keenness and gusto.

Is Zain a male or female name?

Zain (or Zayn, Zein, Zeyn) are transcript forms of the Arabic زَيْن — a noun meaning “beauty, adornment, grace, excellence” and adjective meaning “beautiful, comely, handsome, graceful, charming, lovely, fair, radiant, good-looking, fine.” It is most commonly masculine in use, but is generally considered a unisex name …

What does the name Misha mean?

m(i)-sha. Origin:Hebrew. Popularity:3176. Meaning:who resembles God.

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What is lucky number of Zain?

Zain name meaning is Grace. It has multiple Islamic meaning. … The lucky number of Zain name is 4.

What do you think of the name Zain?

Zain is a name that signifies a freedom-loving and free-spirited individual. … When people hear the name Zain, they perceive you as someone who is a family person, good provider, and protector. Others may trust you and feel secure with your judgment.