What do you say before Al Fatiha prayer?

What do you say at the beginning of Salah?

Before initiating the salat, it is important that you have the intention to pray. Raise your hands up next to your ears and shoulders, then say Allāhu akbar (الله أَكْبَر). This translates to “Allah is the greatest.” Do this while standing (or sitting if you can’t stand).

What do you say before you pray?

We open the prayer by addressing God because he is the one we are praying to. Start by saying “Father in Heaven” or “Heavenly Father.” We address Him as our Heavenly Father, because He is the father of our spirits. He is our creator and the one to whom we owe everything we have, including our lives.

What is Shahada Islam?

The Shahadah is the Muslim declaration of belief in the oneness of Allahu ta’âlâ and acceptance of Muhammad as God’s prophet. The Sunni declaration reads: لا إله إلا الله محمد رسول الله (lā ʾilāha ʾillallāh, Muḥammad rasūlu-llāh) (in Arabic) There is no god but Allah, and Muhammad is his messenger. (

Do you have to do wudu before Dua?

Dua For Wudu (Before Wudu and After Wudu) … Establish Wudu before praying is mandatory. If you’re looking to making your Wudu even more powerful you can copy certain Dua’s the Prophet, peace and blessings upon him, used to make.

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