What do the Igbos call God?

What did Igbo call God?

Unique Names of God in Igbo and their meaning

Names of God in Igbo Language Meaning
Chukwu nke mara obi m God that knows my heart
Olu ebube Glorious God
Nnukwu Chi Big God
Chinaza ekpere God that answers prayers

What are the Igbo gods?

These deities are: Anyawu, Amadioha, Ahiajoku, Ala, Ibini Ukpabi, Ekwensu, Agwu and Mmuo Mmiri. the literal meaning, Anyawu means the sun. And in Igbo traditional religion, it refers to the god of the Sun or the Sun god, who is referred to as the eye of the light.

How do Ibos call God?

For the Ibos, the principal object of belief is the Ultimate Reality, which they call Chi-Ukwu (the great God). … The word Chukwu is used to express a belief in a Supreme Spirit or World Over-Soul (Chi means ‘spirit’, and Ukwu, ‘great’).

What do Yorubas call God?

Without further ado, here are the names for God in Yoruba: A dani wa ye — The One who created us and put us on this planet. Adagba ma paaro oye / Olorun ti o yipada — God that does not change. Adakedajo — The silent judge.

What does Tofiakwa meaning?

Definition: God forbid. Example: James: Imagine thief come to this house. Kate: Tufiakwa!

What does Ijaw call God?

Egbesu is the god or deity of warfare of the Ijaw people of the Niger Delta region. Egbesu is also perceived as the spiritual foundational force for combating evil. The Egbesu force can only be used in defence or to correct an injustice, and only by people who are in harmony with the universe.

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What does Kwa mean in Igbo?

In fact my finding is that in order to not let the Igbo know that it was their language that birthed the others, the linguists invented the word Kwa, which was originated from Akwa Nshi (Igbo for ‘First People’, also the local name of the Nigerian monoliths that represent First People on the planet).