What are the two main senses in interpreting the Scriptures?

What are the 2 senses of Scripture?

115 According to an ancient tradition, one can distinguish between two senses of Scripture: the literal and the spiritual, the latter being subdivided into the allegorical, moral and anagogical senses.

What are the two main things we must consider when interpreting the Bible?

To interpret context the two most important factors are determining the historical literal elements of the context. Historical context involves the time and culture of the author and audience, as well as the historical occasion of the scripture.

In what two broad senses can the Bible be interpreted?

two broad senses- Literal and Spiritual!!!! In what two basic sense does the church interpret passage of sacred scripture? The holy spirit is the principal Author of scripture, while the human writers were the instruments he chose to reveal himself to his people.

What is a sense of Scripture?

the meaning conveyed by the words of Scripture and discovered by exegesis. The Spiritual Sense. considers what the realities and events are that Scripture signifies. The Allegorical Sense. looks at how people, events, and things in the literal sense point to the mystery of Christ.

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What are the 2 types of literal sense?

13 From it we take two ideas: 1) the literal sense is mainly the meaning intended by the divine author, and 2) the interpreter must seek the spiritual understanding of the literal meaning.

In what two basic senses does the church interpret passages of Sacred Scripture?

Mystery of the Redemption Chapter 2 Edline Quiz

Question Answer
In what two basic senses does the Catholic Church interpret passages of Sacred Scripture? literal and spiritual

What are principles of interpretation?

The main principles of interpretation are the Literal Rule, Golden Rule and Mischief Rule. (1) The Literal Rule: According to this rule, the words used in statutes and legal instruments are to be construed literally i.e. by giving the words their ordinary grammatical meaning.

How must a reader of Sacred Scripture discover the intentions of a biblical author?

How do we discover the human authors intentions in writing the bible? We must study their language and identify the form of their writing. What are the 3 ways of interpreting scripture? The unity of the truths of the faith among themselves and within the whole plan of revelation.

What is anagogical sense?

The anagogical is a method of mystical or spiritual interpretation of statements or events, especially scriptural exegesis, that detects allusions to the afterlife.

What is the difference between allegory and typology?

For Hanson, typology was successful because it discerned legitimate correspondences between two sets of events, whereas allegory was the name given to arbitrary nonliteral exercises in which no convincing link was discovered between the original event and its nonliteral referent.

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What is the literal sense?

The literal sense of a word or phrase is its most basic sense. … A literal translation is one in which you translate each word of the original work rather than giving the meaning of each expression or sentence using words that sound natural.