Was Clement mentioned in the Bible?

What does the name Clement mean in the Bible?

Biblical Names Meaning:

In Biblical Names the meaning of the name Clement is: Mild; good; merciful.

What did Clement do in the Bible?

His martyrdom is legendary, and he has been hypothetically identified with the Clement mentioned in the Letter of St. Paul to the Philippians 4:3. His attribute is an anchor, to which he was tied and cast into the sea, according to spurious tales.

Is Clement of Rome and Clement of Alexandria the same person?

Titus Flavius Clemens, also known as Clement of Alexandria (Greek: Κλήμης ὁ Ἀλεξανδρεύς; c. 150 – c. 215 AD), was a Christian theologian and philosopher who taught at the Catechetical School of Alexandria.


Saint Clement of Alexandria
Church Father, Theologian
Catholic cult suppressed 1586 by Pope Sixtus V

Where can Clement be found in the Bible?

First Clement is listed as canonical in “Canon 85” of the Canons of the Apostles, showing that First Clement had canonical rank in at least some regions of early Christendom.

What is Pope Clement famous for?

Clement VII would have been remembered as one of the great popes of all time, had he lived in another age. He sponsored the artistic works of Cellini, Raphael and Michelangelo, including the completion of the Sistine chapel. He forbade the persecution of Jews in Rome and ordered the Inquisition to leave them alone.

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How did Clement show courage at the end of his life?

How did the Life of Clement show courage at the end of his life? He could of lived if he worshiped idols, but he died because he was loyal to God.

Where is Linus mentioned in the Bible?

Linus is mentioned in the valediction of the Second Epistle to Timothy as being with Paul the Apostle in Rome near the end of Paul’s life.

Who was euodia and syntyche in the Bible?

They were female members of the church in Philippi, and according to the text of Philippians 4: 2–3, they were involved in a disagreement together.