Quick Answer: How many wives did David have in the Bible?

How many wives did Saul have?

According to the Hebrew text of the Bible, Saul reigned for two years, but scholars generally agree that the text is faulty and that a reign of 20 or 22 years is more probable.


Saul שָׁאוּל‎
Spouses Ahinoam Rizpah (concubine)
Issue Ish-bosheth Jonathan Abinadab Melchishua Merab Michal Armoni and Mephibosheth

How old was David when he killed Goliath?

How much time passed after David was anointed and the killing of Goliath is not clear. He was somewhere between the age of 15 and 19 when Jesse sent him to the battle to check on his brothers.

How many wives did Moses have?

Miriam and Aaron were jealous because Moses had two wives and because more of his attention would have been taken by the newly married woman.

Who were Solomon’s wives?

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