Question: Is Jesus your King?

Is Jesus called the King of Kings?

In Judaism, Melech Malchei HaMelachim (“the King of Kings of Kings”) came to be used as a name of God. “King of Kings” (βασιλεὺς τῶν βασιλευόντων) is also used in reference to Jesus Christ several times in the Bible, notably in the First Epistle to Timothy and twice in the Book of Revelation.

Is Jesus King already?

It was released on October 25, 2019, through GOOD Music and distributed by Def Jam Recordings. The album follows a Christian theme, different from his usual rap themed albums and songs.

Jesus Is King
Label GOOD Def Jam

Why does Jesus not want to be king?

Undoubtedly, some of them were convinced that Jesus had come to lead a revolt against Rome and become their king. But Jesus refused because He knew this was not God’s plan for Him. If He became an earthly king, He knew, His power would be limited and He would never touch the whole world.

Who is called the king?

In a monarchy, the male ruler is called the king. A king or queen rules until death, when the next in line — usually a son or daughter — inherits the throne. You can also use the word king to describe someone who’s very powerful or well-known, like the king of Scrabble competitions or the king of the auto industry.

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Is Jesus Clean King?

Spirituality has been a constant in Kanye’s music from the start, but this is his first full-on gospel-rap record, largely filled with clean and uplifting praise music. …

Who did Jesus make King?

The people of Judah made Uzziah as their king when he was just sixteen year old. Since, Uzziah was very young, he would need a proper guidance. Fortunately, the prophet Zechariah guided him and instructed him in the fear of God. So God made Uzziah, to prosper during his reign.

What does it mean that God is king?

The “king” metaphor for God also implies power. Authority cannot be exercised without some form of power. God’s power as king can be generally defined as the way in which God exercises God’s authority and realizes God’s coming kingdom.