Is the passion Conference biblical?

What religion is Passion City Church?

Louie Giglio (pronounced GIG-leo; born June 30, 1958) is an American Baptist evangelical Christian pastor. He is the leader of Passion City Church, located in Atlanta, Georgia. The founder of the Passion Movement, he is an author and public speaker.

Who can attend Passion conference?

Passion 2022 is a gathering for the collegiate generation and is open to anyone who is 18-25 years old. High school seniors may attend even if they are not 18 years old. Adult ministry leaders are encouraged to attend with their students.

How much does it cost to go to Passion conference?

Young adults, ages 18-25, are invited to attend Passion Conference 2020 in Atlanta. The $475 cost includes registration, transportation,… More. Make a $150 deposit by August 31 to reserve your spot.

How old do you have to be to go to Passion 2021?

This wave is growing into a global awakening living for the name of Jesus. Join us for a day of encouragement, worship and teaching, the target audience of the conference are college students and young adults aged 18-25 years old but all juniors in high school and up to 50 are invited.

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What does the Bible says about passion?

God is referred to as zealous and passionate. … Verse 17 says, “Then his disciples remembered this prophecy from the Scriptures: ‘Passion for God’s house will consume me. ‘ ” This was a reference to Psalm 69:9. Jesus had a passion for the Temple that led Him to clear out the corruption.

Where is passion 2020 held?

Where is Passion 2020 taking place? It’s all going down at the Mercedes Benz Stadium from Dec. 31, 2019 – Jan. 2, 2020.

Can you go to passion if you’re 17?

It is intended for use only by adults. To access the Website, you must be at least 18 years of age and possess the legal authority to form legally binding contracts. … By using our Website, you represent and warrant that you have the right and authority to enter into these Terms.

Will there be a passion Conference 2022?

Passion 2022 | January 2 – 3, 2022 | Atlanta, GA.

Is Passion Conference 2022 happening?

Passion Conference (Jan 2022), Atlanta USA – Conference.