Is it a sin to read Stephen King?

Is Stephen King a religious person?

King was raised Methodist, but lost his belief in organized religion while in high school. While no longer religious, he says he chooses to believe in the existence of God.

Are Stephen King’s books appropriate?

Stephen King’s writing is sick. There is no appropriate age for reading IT. You can handle it only if you have read books like this before.

What is Stephen King’s religious beliefs?

The religion King was raised in

Raised in Maine and still a resident, King was brought up as a Methodist. In promoting his novel, Revival, about a preacher who rages against God after the devastating loss of his family, he talked to Rolling Stone in 2014 about his own upbringing and the faith he was raised in.

Are Christians allowed to read?

Christians can read and watch Harry Potter without it becoming sinful and learn good morals from it. However, when consuming the series you must use discernment and be on guard for what you are allowing into your life.

Can a 13 year old read Carrie?

It is appropriate. I read it at 13. It’s pretty mild for horror. It’s true that a lot of the horror does come from religion.

Can my 13 year old read Pet Sematary?

If your child has read other books by the same author, he or she should be familiar with the writing style. In Pet Sematary, death is a major theme. If your child is afraid of this, he may not need to read this book. … But you say he’s advanced in reading.

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