Is Fernando Ortega a Catholic?

Is Fernando Ortega married?

Where was Fernando Ortega born?

Who Wrote give Jesus?

What church does Fernando Ortega belong to?

In the late 2000s, he and his wife, Margee, joined the Anglican Church before returning home to the Evangelical Free Church.

Who is Fernando Ortega wife?

When did Fernando Ortega get married?

When I was married to my lovely wife in 2008, some friends of ours in Nashville, TN, transposed his music by ear and allowed our wedding to be filled with its depth.

Who wrote the song Me and Jesus?

Who sings even though I ain’t got money?

Did Fanny Crosby write Give Me Jesus?

Frances Jane Crosby aka Fanny Crosby was the author of “Take the World, But Give Me Jesus.” Meanwhile, John R. Sweney arranged the music of the hymn.

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