Is Bavaria predominantly Catholic?

How religious is Bavaria?

Religion and Expressive Culture. Religious Beliefs and Practices. Roman Catholicism (69.9 percent of the Bavarian population in 1970) is the Religion of Old Bavaria, whereas the Evangelical (Lutheran) church (25.7 percent) predominates in Franconia.

What percentage of Spaniards are Catholic?

Law prevents the Spanish census from recording the religious affiliation of the population. However, in 2018, the Spanish Centre for Sociological Research estimated that 68.5% of the population identified as Catholic. A further proportion of the population identified as irreligious (16.8%) or atheist (9.6%).

Is France Catholic or Protestant?

Chronological statistics

Religious group Population % 1986 Population % 2010
–Catholicism 81% 64%
Protestantism 1% 3%
–Other and unaffiliated Christians

Are Bavarians friendly?

Once they are your friends, it is for life

More than one friend who has moved to Bavaria was a little unprepared for how long it takes to make friends there. They are courteous, sure, but friendly… not quite.

What Bavaria means?

Bavaria. / (bəˈvɛərɪə) / noun. a state of S Germany: a former duchy and kingdom; mainly wooded highland, with the Alps in the south. Capital: Munich.

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