How old is pastor Paul Caldwell?

Was Kendra Caldwell a preemie?

Anyway, Paul and Christina married the 17th of January 1998. Kendra was born 11th August 1998, which is 207 days after her parents’ wedding. … So it could have been possible for Kendra to have been conceived in wedlock and born as an extreme premie. But we now know she was born at term.

Did Abbie Duggar have a baby?

At 2:30 a.m. on Jan. 7, Abbie was ready to push. Finally — 36 hours after her labor began — baby Grace was born.

Does Kendra Duggar’s parents live with her?

These days, Kendra and Joseph live in a log cabin with their three children — Garrett, Addison, and Brooklyn — while Kendra’s parents and their kids (they have eight still living at home with them) live in the house that she and Joe first moved into when they got married.

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