How many people listen to the Daily Audio Bible?

Is Brian Hardin a pastor?

Brian Hardin, pastor of the Four Winds Mission in Spring Hill, Tenn., which is a member of the Anglican Mission. … In return, the Anglican Mission donated millions to the Rwanda church.

Can you get the Bible on audio?

The audio edition of the Bible lasts for over 90 hours and contains a complete version of the Old Testament and the New Testament. … Discover a new dimension to the Bible by listening to the text.

Where should I start reading my Bible?

I think starting in the Gospel of John for anyone who hasn’t read the Bible before is a great place the start. Probably the best place. Next, I would encourage you to read through the rest of the Gospels (Matthew, Mark, Luke). That’s where I would start if I were you.

When did Daily Audio Bible begin?

At the start of 2006, Hardin posted his name and email address and invited anyone to join him for the Bible readings, thinking that only a handful of people might take advantage of the service. After the first podcast, Hardin had 250 emails, and downloads exceeded 200,000 in the first six months.

Who is China Hardin?

China Hardin is the daughter of Brian Hardin of the 1 Year Daily Audio Bible.

Who is Brian hardins wife?

Jill is married to producer/record label executive Brian Hardin.

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