How many Catholic schools are there in England?

What percentage of schools in England are Catholic?


State-funded primary + secondary schools
Community Percentage
No Religious Character 10,142 66.00%
Church of England 22.89%
Roman Catholic 9.89%

How many church schools are there in the UK?

One in four primary schools and one in 16 secondary schools in England are Church of England schools. There are more than 4,700 of these establishments, where around one million pupils are educated.

How many religious schools are there in the UK?

At the start of January 2017, there were 6,814 state-funded faith schools in England, making up 37 per cent of all state primary schools (6,177) and 19 per cent (637) of all secondaries.

How many Catholic schools are there in Scotland?

In Scotland there are currently 418 state-funded Roman Catholic schools (accounting for 15% of state schools in the country), along with three Episcopalian schools and one Jewish school.

Can non Catholics go to Catholic school UK?

In the United Kingdom, there are many ‘local authority maintained’ (i.e. state funded) Catholic schools. These are theoretically open to pupils of all faiths or none, although if the school is over-subscribed priority will be given to Catholic children.

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What is a COFE school?

The majority of church schools were built in the 1800’s. … The purpose of a Church of England school is to offer a spiritual dimension to the lives of young people, within the traditions of the Church of England, in an increasingly secular world. 25% of primary schools in England have a Church foundation.

What percent of schools are religious UK?

At primary level, 36.8 per cent of schools nationally are faith schools, accommodating 28.5 per cent of pupils. These figures range from 48.8 per cent of primary schools (42.4 per cent of pupils) in the North West to 28.6 per cent of primary schools (21.3 per cent of pupils) in London.

Are there Protestant schools in Scotland?

There are no part funded denominational schools in Scotland. … Denominational or faith schools have been part of the state sector since the Education (Scotland) Act 1918 allowed such schools, which until then had been independent schools, to transfer to local authority control.