How do you pray the Chaplet of Holy Wounds?

How do you pray the Chaplet of the Five Wounds of Jesus?

The essential manner of saying this Chaplet is to recite fiveGlory be to the Fathers and one Hail Mary on each section of the beads; Reflecting meanwhile, on the Five Holy Wounds of Our Savior; namely His Sacred Hands, Feet and Heart.

How do you pray a Chaplet?

The Chaplet consist of the recitation of the following prayers:

  1. In honor of Jesus, one Our Father and five Hail Marys. After each Hail Mary say: Jesus, Mary and Saint Anne, grant the favor I ask.
  2. In honor of Mary, one Our Father and five Hail Marys. …
  3. In honor of Saint Anne, one Our Father and five Hail Marys.

What is the difference between the Rosary and chaplet?

In the Roman Catholic Church, while the usual five-decade Dominican rosary is also considered to be a chaplet, the other chaplets often have fewer beads and decades than a traditional rosary and may even a different set of prayers. In the Anglican Communion, a chaplet often includes one week of the Anglican rosary.

What happens when you pray the Divine Mercy Chaplet?

Jesus has revealed that through the recitation of the Chaplet, we can save souls who are not even in the same country as us or whom we never met. We are simply praying for the salvation of any soul who is dying.

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