How do you make priest Legendaries in Shadowlands?

Where can I craft shadow priest legendary?

What Legendaries to Craft As a Shadow Priest

Legendary Power Raid verdict Plan Location
Eternal Call to the Void Meh Council of Blood, Castle Nathria
Talbadar’s Stratagem BIS for Kyrian Torghast
Shadowflame Prism Good / BIS for Night Fae Mueh’zala, De Other Side
Painbreaker Psalm Avoid Torghast

Which legendary IS BEST FOR disc priest Shadowlands?

Best Legendaries for Discipline Priest

Focus Legendary Source
Mythic+ (When Kyrian) Spheres’ Harmony Granted at Renown 48 with the Kyrian Covenant
Mythic+ (When not Kyrian) Twins of the Sun Priestess Castle Nathria (Stone Legion Generals)
Torghast Stable Phantasma Lure Torghast (Layer 6+)

How do you get legendary priest?

Covenant-Specific Priest Legendary Powers

You can unlock them by reaching Renown 48 with your Covenant. Fae Guardians ends. Copies the benefit of the current faerie on its target.

What’s best legendary for holy priest?

Best Holy Priest Legendaries

  • Flash Concentration.
  • Harmonious Apparatus.
  • X’anshi, Return of Archbishop Benedictus.

How much soul Ash does it take to make a 235 legendary?

To upgrade your Legendary to 210, you’ll need 2,000 Soul Ash. For 225, 3,200 Soul Ash will be required. And for item level 235, you’ll have to get your hands on 5,150 Soul Ash.

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How much soul Ash does it take to make a legendary?

The Soul Ash cost for legendaries is as follows: Rank 1 (item level 190): 1250 Soul Ash. Rank 2 (item level 210): 2000 Soul Ash. Rank 3 (item level 225): 3200 Soul Ash.

What covenant should I choose for shadow priest?

Shadow has numerous options when it comes to a raid viable covenant, the most powerful of which being Night Fae, Necrolord, and Kyrian. However, if you plan on swapping between healing and dps’ing as your raid needs it, Kyrian is a good pick; as of writing this, it’s also the go-to pick for Discipline Priests.

Who is the best disc priest?

Mythic+ Discipline Priest Rankings

Discipline Priest World Mythic+ Keystone Character Rankings
1 Mòádmòád (EU) Twisting Nether 3359.3 AD +23 FH +24 KR +23 ML +22 SIEGE +22 SOTS +23 TD +23 TOS +22 UNDR +23 WM +23
2 지나갔던힐러 (KR) Azshara 3332.5 AD +23 FH +23 KR +22 ML +22 SIEGE +23 SOTS +22 TD +23 TOS +23 UNDR +23 WM +22

Where can I buy disc priest Legendaries?

Quick Glance Legendary Recommendations

Placement Legendary Drop Location
1 Memory of the Spheres’ Harmony 48 Renown (Kyrian)
2 Twins of the Sun Priestess Castle Nathria – Stone Legion Generals
3 The Penitent One Torghast – The Soulforges
4 Kiss of Death Torghast – Mort’regar