How do I check if someone is a member of the LDS Church?

How do I look up members of the LDS Church?

To find members, visit the last known address:

  1. Talk with neighbors, a building supervisor, manager, or owner, if known or available.
  2. Contact other family currently living at the member’s last known address.
  3. Contact the new individual or family living there.
  4. Contact neighbors adjacent to the member’s last known address.

How do I find my Mormon membership number?

Your Membership Record Number can be found on your temple recommend or by asking your ward clerk.

How do I get my name removed from the LDS church records?

You need to send a signed letter to your Bishop stating your desire to have your name removed from the records of the church. He will then take the necessary action from there.

How do I find church records?

Look for online records.

  1. Each state Church Records page lists several online collections.
  2. Each state has an Online Genealogy Records page. …
  3. FamilySearch Historical Records.
  5. FindMyPast.
  6. MyHeritage.
  7. USGenWeb Archives.
  8. American Ancestors specializes in New England.

How do I find my LDS account?

Your identity must be verified via Email or Mobile Phone before using your account.

  1. Visit Account Recovery page.
  2. Enter your email address or phone number.
  3. A page will display letting you know that your account is unverified. The verification email and/or SMS will be automatically resent.
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Where are my records LDS?

Membership Records are available to the member or his/her immediate family from the Ward Clerk. If this is not possible, they should contact the Membership Department who answers questions related to members and, or membership status of living or deceased persons. 801-240-3500.

Who is stake president?

Re: Who is the Stake President

You can find the bishop for your address by going to If you are a member of that ward, and your MRN is attached to your LDS Account, you can find your stake president in or LDS Tools.

How do I remove myself from a church membership?

Write a letter to or call the church’s office and ask to withdraw membership and remove your information from their records. Hopefully, they don’t give you any grief. They might ask if you’d like to talk to a pastor or elder first, but they should take it just fine if you respectfully decline.

How do you resign from a church membership?

How to write a church resignation letter

  1. Use the appropriate salutation. Before starting the body of your letter, include the proper salutation for the person you’re writing to. …
  2. Express your intent to leave the church. …
  3. Provide reasons for your departure. …
  4. Express your gratitude. …
  5. Offer your assistance. …
  6. Include a sign-off.