How can we sit at Jesus feet?

Why is it important to sit at the feet of Jesus?

Having time to sit at the feet of Jesus and listen to his words helps me to have my focus on things above rather than the stresses of life. This doesn’t mean I’m never stressed by life’s worries but it changes my view of them. … Please help us to see spending time listening to your words as a priority for life with you.

What does it mean sitting at the feet of Jesus?

To “sit at someone’s feet” was a technical expression used in ancient times to indicate the intimate relationship between a disciple and a rabbi. For instance, Paul cited his credentials to the religious leaders in Jerusalem by stating, “I am a Jew, born in Tarsus…

What does sitting at his feet mean?

To sit at the feet of someone means to be instructed by someone or to learn something. This image carries the connotation of a master instructing a pupil. The master in this case is a much more accomplished or knowledgeable person than the pupil. The idea is that of an apprentice to a sage.

Does God want to spend time with me?

God wants us to spend time with him! In fact, the more time we spend with God, the more he will be involved in our lives. … If we don’t spend time with God, we won’t get to know him, or learn what pleases him, and what doesn’t. Unlike our earthly relationships, God is available to spend time with us 24/7!

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What is the spiritual meaning of feet?

Feet represent balance, the Earth, and travel, marking the path a person has taken and, therefore, symbolizing free will.