Frequent question: Who was the first apostle to believe in the resurrection?

Who was the first apostle to raise someone from the dead?

Lazarus of Bethany

Saint Lazarus of Bethany
Feast Eastern Churches: Lazarus Saturday; March 17; October 17 Western Churches: July 29
Attributes Sometimes vested as an apostle, sometimes as a bishop. In the scene of his resurrection, he is portrayed tightly bound in mummified clothes, which resemble swaddling bands.

Who was God’s first apostle?

Andrew the Apostle, the first disciple to be called by Jesus.

Who were the first 5 disciples?

Andrew, John, Simon Peter, Philip, and Nathanael. These are the first five disciples. They are also apostles.

Who were the first four disciples?

The first four disciples of Jesus were

  • A. Simon, Bartholomew, John and James.
  • B. Simon, Andrew, John and James.
  • C. Peter,Simon, John and James.
  • D. Peter,James,Levi and John.

Who is the one powerful enough to free us from sin?

Our deepest human need is salvation from sin and death, and Jesus answered it powerfully. Once we have Christ we do not require anything else, in this life or the next.

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