Frequent question: Which cousin of Holy Prophet was Mufassar e Quran?

Who is known as Tarjumanul Quran?

In the preface to the first edition of his book Tarjuman-ul-Quran, Abul Kalam Azad explains the factors that influenced him in his writing. He was convinced that the book, the outcome of 27 years of rigorous study of the Koran, was important for the falah (progress) of the entire quom.

Was Abu Sufyan related to the prophet?

Abū Sufyān ibn al-Ḥārith ibn ‘Abd al-Muṭṭalib (Arabic: أبو سفيان بن الحارث بن عبد المطلب‎), born al-Mughīrah (المغيرة), was a companion and first cousin of the Islamic prophet Muhammad. …

Who was Abbas in Karbala?

Abbas ibn Ali

Al-Abbas ibn Ali ٱلْعَبَّاس ٱبْن عَلِيّ
Cause of death Martyred
Resting place Al Abbas Mosque, Karbala, Iraq
Nationality Arab Caliphate
Known for Battle of Karbala

Who was Abu Sufyan father?

Who is the father of Muawiya?

Who killed Imam Abbas?

The army of Yazid ibn Muawiyah started shooting arrows at him. One arrow hit the bag and water poured out of it. At that moment, Abbas lost all hope. One of Yazid’s men hit his head with a mace and Abbas fell off his horse without the support of his arms.

Who is Abbas mother?

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