Frequent question: What is a Large Print Compact Bible?

Is there a giant print Study Bible?

CSB Super Giant Print Reference Bible

This Bible features a large print size, 16-point type, making it easier for those who have impaired vision to read and comprehend. … This CSB Bible is a reader’s dream!

What is 9 point print size?

Comparison table

Point Metric size American system
712 ≈ 2.646 mm
8 ≈ 2.822 mm Brevier
9 ≈ 3.175 mm Bourgeois

What is a good study Bible to have?

The Jeremiah Study Bible, NKJV

Written by one of the most celebrated Bible teachers in America, The Jeremiah Study Bible NKJV provides readers a deeper understanding of the scripture for an effective relationship with God. The book packs countless features that make it the best study bible in the market today.

Does Barnes and Noble sell Bibles?

Bibles – Bible Versions, Bibles & Bible Studies, Books | Barnes & Noble®

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