Did Judas Priest write Diamonds and Rust?

Who originally wrote Diamonds and Rust?

What did Joan Baez think of Judas Priest version of Diamonds and Rust?

In a recent interview with QMI Agency, folk icon Joan Baez was asked what she thought of JUDAS PRIEST’s classic cover of her song “Diamonds And Rust”, which can be found on the band’s 1977 album “Sin After Sin”. “I love that!” she replied. “I was so stunned when I first heard it. I thought it was wonderful.

What does girl on the half shell mean?

The title and paperback cover art are a reference to an Italian Renaissance tempera painting by Sandro Botticelli, The Birth of Venus, which depicts the birth of the goddess Venus as her rising from the sea on a scallop shell. The phrase “on the half-shell” commonly refers to a method of serving oysters.

What happened between Bob Dylan and Joan Baez?

Sadly, the relationship wasn’t reciprocal and the couple parted ways. When Dylan placed the surprise call to Baez in 1974, she sensed his life was “heading straight for a fall.” Music historians believe this was a time when Dylan’s marriage was on the rocks and he was looking to rekindle his relationship with Baez.

Does Joan Baez have a child?

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