Best answer: Who is the first metropolitan of the reformed Marthoma Church?

What is Suffragan Metropolitan?

In the Roman Catholic Church, a suffragan is a bishop who heads a diocese. … The metropolitan has few responsibilities over the suffragans in his province and no direct authority over the faithful outside of his own diocese. Bishops who assist diocesan bishops are usually called auxiliary bishops.

How many diocese are there in marthoma?

As of 2020 there are 71 parishes and 7 congregations under this diocese.

Mar Thoma Syrian Church Diocese of North America & Europe.

Malankara Mar Thoma Syrian Church. Diocese of North America & Europe.
Theology Reformed
Primate Theodosius Mar Thoma Metropolitan
Language Malayalam, English, Syriac
Headquarters 2320 South Merrick Avenue, Merrick, New York.
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