Best answer: What powerful punishments could the church hand down?

What type of punishment issued by the pope basically cut a region off from the church and therefore deprived it of salvation?

Excommunication may involve banishment, shunning, and shaming, depending on the group, the offense that caused excommunication, or the rules or norms of the religious community.

What are three effects of the Germanic invasions?

Three effects of the Germanic invasions were halt on trade. Transportation of goods became unsafe. Less people were educated, and Europe no longer had one spoken language, unable to be understood by all. What new kind of government arose during Rome’s decline?

Why did Henry IV beg Pope Gregory VII for forgiveness quizlet?

Why did Henry IV beg Pope Gregory VII for forgiveness? Henry iv begged pope Gregory vii for forgiveness because he excommunicated him, which meant he got kicked out of the church. and his own nobles supported pope Gregory vii.

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What was the outcome of the invasion of Otto to Italy on the pope’s behalf?

Following in Charlemagne’s footsteps, Otto also invaded Italy on the pope’s behalf. In 962, the pope rewarded Otto by crowning him emperor.

Can you be kicked out of the Catholic Church?

In the Catholic Church, excommunication is normally resolved by a declaration of repentance, profession of the Creed (if the offense involved heresy) and an Act of Faith, or renewal of obedience (if that was a relevant part of the offending act, i.e., an act of schism) by the excommunicated person and the lifting of …

What role did the church play in helping conquer other Germanic peoples?

What role did the church play in helping Clovis conquer other Germanic peoples? After CLovis conversation, the church supported his military campaigns against Germanic peoples. … He broadened the Church’s power to include secular affaris and spread the idea of a churchly kingdom.

What were the three main groups of feudal society?

A feudal society has three distinct social classes: a king, a noble class (which could include nobles, priests, and princes) and a peasant class. Historically, the king owned all the available land, and he portioned out that land to his nobles for their use.

What effect did Germanic invaders have on the Roman Empire?

The Roman Empire established control over much of Europe. As Germanic tribes invaded Rome, centralized control of the Empire faded. While some tribes, like the Franks, assimilated into Roman culture and became an established part of the society, others, like the Anglo-Saxons, kept their own native culture dominant.

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Why did Leo III crowning Charlemagne make him very angry?

Why would Charlemagne have been upset about being crowned by Pope Leo III? It implied that the pope could make and unmake kings since he was God’s representative on earth. He established procedures and positions that assured his power and authority. Pepin the Short defeated the Lombards, rescuing Rome and the pope.

Why was Leo III crowning?

Why was Pope Leo III’s crowning of Charlemagne significant? It established the Church as a political force. It proved that the Church could make political decisions. It indicated that the pope had more power than monarchs.

What best summarizes what the pope is saying?

Which best summarizes what the pope is saying? God will reward those who liberate Jerusalem.