Best answer: What is the role of an acolyte in the Catholic Church?

What is the difference between an acolyte and a deacon in the Catholic Church?

is that acolyte is (ecclesiastical) one who has received the highest of the four minor orders in the catholic church, being ordained to carry the wine, water and lights at mass while deacon is (church history) a designated minister of charity in the early church (see acts 6:1-6).

How do you become an acolyte in the Catholic Church?

How to Become a Good Acolyte

  1. Learn the proper way to complete your tasks. …
  2. Form solid bonds with clergy and your fellow acolytes. …
  3. Take your responsibilities seriously. …
  4. Pay attention during church service. …
  5. Hold yourself to high standards. …
  6. Find dedicated mentors.

What is a lector and acolyte in the Catholic Church?

In short, lectors are the readers at Mass, and acolytes are the altar servers. … Historically, lectors and acolytes were part of the four minor orders of the Church: porter, reader, exorcist, and acolyte. These offices were stages for those who were preparing for the priesthood.

What do acolytes do?

acolyte, (from Greek akolouthos, “server,” “companion,” or “follower”), in the Roman Catholic church, a person is installed in a ministry in order to assist the deacon and priest in liturgical celebrations, especially the eucharistic liturgy.

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What is a synonym for acolyte?

assistant, helper, attendant, retainer, servant, minion, underling, lackey, henchman. follower, disciple, supporter, votary, satellite, shadow. informal sidekick, girl Friday, man Friday, running dog, groupie, hanger-on. archaic liegeman, pursuivant.

Can a woman be an acolyte?

On Monday, Pope Francis made a new change to canon law, one that will permit women to be admitted to the Church’s formal ministries of lector and acolyte.

What is a acolyte person?

1 : one who assists a member of the clergy in a liturgical service by performing minor duties. 2 : one who attends or assists a leader : follower The mayor dined with a few of his acolytes.

How old are acolytes?

In Anglican churches such as the Episcopal Church of the United States or the Church of England, altar servers are called acolytes and can be of either sex and any age (although usually no younger than ten).

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