Are there any statues of Jesus?

Where are statues of Jesus in USA?

Christ of the Ozarks

Coordinates 36.409000°N 93.725268°WCoordinates:36.409000°N 93.725268°W
Location Eureka Springs, Arkansas, United States
Type statue
Height 20 metres (66 ft)
Completion date 1966

Who has the biggest Jesus statue?

The figure is 33 metres (108 ft) tall, the crown is 3 metres (9.8 ft) tall, and along with its mound, it reaches 52.5 metres (172 ft) overall.

Christ the King Statue, Świebodzin.

Christ the King
Groundbreaking 29 September 2006
Completed 6 November 2010
Height (max) 36 metres (118 ft) (statue) 52.5 metres (172 ft) (with pedestal)

Who has the most statues in the US?

The team counted a whopping 50,000 monuments strewn across the United States and its overseas territories. Abraham Lincoln tops the list of individuals celebrated in public monuments in the United States—a total of nearly 200—with George Washington a close second and Christopher Columbus a more distant third.

Who has more statues in the world?

Which man has most statue in the world? Babasaheb Ambedkar had considered three great men, Lord Buddha, Saint Kabir, and Mahatma Phule as their “instructor”. 20. Babasaheb’s statue is one of the tallest statue in the world.

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